Overview of the Missions of the Secretariat General for the Diversity Charter


  • In association with national partners 
    The Secretariat General for the Diversity Charter signs promotional agreements with many partners throughout France. These partners include company federations, public organisations working on the issue and associations helping companies implement diversity. They agree to promote the Charter within their network and invest themselves in all the Diversity Charter’s actions, particularly in the Diversity Tours of France organised on average every two years.
  • In association with local partners 
    The Secretariat General for the Diversity Charter specifically promotes the Charter among directors of SMEs and micro-enterprises and other bodies. For this purpose, and in association with local partners, it organises signing events for the Diversity Charter.
    The Charter’s local partners are bodies such as local authorities, trade federations, associations involved that guide companies through their diversity measure with working groups, diagnostics tools and diversity forums.

Capitalising on Good Practices

The Secretariat General for the Diversity Charter uses many tools to capitalise on good practices from companies:

A website with a list of Diversity Charter signatory companies. Each signatory company has an ID card that includes the actions it is undertaking to encourage diversity. A section called “Diversity in Actions” provides downloadable tools for implementing a diversity movement. Companies can use the directory of players involved in diversity to find service providers they may need.

A monthly newsletter containing updated regulatory information, innovative tools for companies and examples of good practices. Companies can sign up for the newsletter on the Diversity Charter website (link to the Charter website).

A national diversity directory, since September 2009, the Secretariat General for the Diversity Charter has published a national diversity directory through a publishing house. It contains the signatory companies of the Diversity Charter, government services involved in the issue, associations and service providers.