Make a commitment

Why make a commitment in favour of diversity?

Diversity is a policy that is part of a win-win approach for businesses and society. It contributes to social cohesiveness while providing solutions to the stakes companies face:

  • Legal compliance and protection from damage to their reputation
    By committing to improving diversity, companies ensure their hiring practices comply with the law, thereby pre-empting the risk of discrimination complaints or losing their reputation to legal proceedings.
  • Showing their commitment as a socially responsible company
    Striving for diversity means building a positive corporate image for their clients, suppliers, employees and local authorities (public contract awards, meets ethical expectations of consumers and employees, etc.).
  • Optimising their human resources management
    Managing diversity contributes to optimising skills and encourages employees to get involved. Diversifying their hiring pools and integrating new employee profiles also aids in periods of labour shortages.
  • Improving their financial performance 
    Over the long term, a diverse team provides a better understanding of the needs of different customer bases, helps penetrate new markets, develop the company’s capacity for innovation and gives greater flexibility during times of change.